2016 Lexus LX570

2016 Lexus LX570

The 2016 is a large luxury vehicle that can comfortably fit an active family with three or even four children, but it does guzzle gas and rear cargo space is limited.


Who Is This Car For?
Families, anyone who wants to go off-roading in luxury

Model Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Lexus
Model and Trim: LX570

Price as Tested (including destination): $97,405
EPA fuel economy (combined/city/hwy): 15/13/18 mpg
Number of seats: 8
Number of Latch anchors: 2 sets

Safety Standouts

  • Standard Lexus Safety+ System with automatic braking, dynamic cruise control, and lane departure warning

A few of my favorite things (about the Lexus LX570):

  • Beautiful Nightfall Mica exterior paint that sparkles in the sunshine
  • Spacious front and second rows
  • Split rear liftgate


In and Out

This car elicited a ton of commentary. Below, you’ll find a refrain about the front fascia, which wasn’t complimentary. However, most of the observations others brought to me about this car were positive. People liked the brilliant exterior color, people adored how it seemed to glide around the school parking lot, and my children were downright giddy over the interior comfort and amenities.

This is a lovely car to look at and it has all of the power and most of the space that an active family of five like mine could want. It’s also essentially the same car as the Toyota Land Cruiser and for the money, I’d take this one (hard to believe since the car I tested came in at just under $100K, but the Land Cruiser is not much less expensive!). The body of the LX570 has been restyled for 2016 as has the interior. There is more legroom in the second row, which truly is as comfortable as the front, no matter your size, and maneuvering any of the seats within the car is done with the mere touch of a button or pull of  a lever.  The new Drive Mode Select System allows you to adjust powertrain and suspension according to terrain with the turn of a dial, helpful if you live somewhere with ever-changing weather or want to venture into the great unknown of off-roading. The remainder of controls and surfaces in the cabin are trim in wood and soft metals that feel great to the touch. The cabin is so well-appointed that you could easily spend hours in this car and not want for a thing.

A slew of newly standard safety features contribute to an overall feeling of contentment in the LX. Systems like blind spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, and rear cross-traffic alert are long the active safety features included in the price of admission here. You also get a panoramic camera that is enormously helpful when pulling into and out of tight spots, particularly in light of this vehicle’s size. This little extra help goes a long way!

A few extras that aren’t necessary, but certainly make life even more luxurious in the LX570 include the Mark Levinson audio system ($2,350), the dual-screen rear entertainment system ($2,005), and the Cool Box feature ($170) for the front console to keep all of your snacks and drinks at the ideal temperature.


Guzzle, guzzle, gulp. That’s what a vehicle of this size, with an engine of this size (5.7L V8, 383-hp) does with gas. It keeps on chugging. Therein lies the quandary though. While it’s constantly chugging gas, it’s also able to chug up hills and mountains with a grace and ease that’s quite enjoyable. It’s tough to find the latter without the former. Nonetheless a combined 15 miles per gallon is tough to swallow, especially since you have to fill this one up with premium. With fuel prices as low as they are now, this car still requires about $70 to fill up; imagine what it will take if fuel prices go up again.

It’s also tough to swallow the notion that this is a vehicle built for eight. Lexus would have us believe it is, but in order to fit eight people, three of said people must sit in the 3rd row, which is a tight squeeze, even if those people are children. As a slightly above-average woman of 5’8, I could sit in that 3rd row, but I didn’t have an abundance of space. I put my three children in that third row (ages 6, 7, and 9) and they looked like some cute little sardines. Yes, my kids could have ridden back there together, but the fighting and complaints of so-and-so if touching me would have started immediately. Seven passengers seems to me a more befitting number.

And finally, not one, not two, but three people commented to me on the Lx570’s front grille. “It looks angry, ” was the comment received in all cases. It’s angular, it’s fierce, and it’s definitely ready for business. I didn’t mind it, but perhaps you mind find it bothersome. To each their own!



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