2016 BMW 750i xDrive

2016 BMW 750i xDrive

This is a car built for heads of state and CEOs, people accustomed to being driven around. Of course, it includes all kinds of features that parents everywhere deserve.


Who Is This Car For?
Small families, the “secondary” family car, CEOs, world leaders, badass moms.

Model Year: 2016
Manufacturer: BMW
Model and Trim: 750i xDrive
Price as Tested (including destination): $129,245
EPA fuel economy (combined/city/hwy): 19/16/25 mpg
Number of seats: 4
Number of Latch anchors: 2 sets

Safety Standouts

  • Park Distance Control front and rear, with RearView camera
  • Available Active Driving Assistant with Surround View plus 3D

A few of my favorite things (about the BMW 750i xDrive):

  • Gorgeous outside and in, the epitome of luxury
  • Effortless acceleration and a ride so smooth it feels like floating (and makes 80 feel like nothing)
  • So many high-tech features that it’s close to autonomous


In and Out

This is a car built for heads of state and CEOs, people accustomed to being driven around. The back seat herein in just as luxurious and well-outfitted as the front, one might even argue that it’s more so given the executor seating with a footrest, cooled center console that can keep your champers at the perfect temp, and a tablet-driven dual-screen entertainment center that can keep you up-to-date on the latest current affairs.

In my case, that back seat was uncomfortably occupied by my three children, who didn’t exactly fit. You see, as much as I loved driving this car, there is no way it would ever work in my life right now thanks to the fact that the chilled center console takes the place of a middle seat and this becomes a back built for two, not three, and I have three. Do not try this at home. No one was comfortable back there, not to mention the fact that it is not legal to stuff three children into two seats.

Nonetheless, comfort, technology, and beauty abound. This car is as close to an autonomous one as I’ve ever been in and it was fascinating. Using the Traffic Jam Assist, which helps keep the car in its lane and stop and go in heavy traffic, I had to let go of my usual frustration and merely relax into the idea that the car had it. The car helped evaporate frustration and kept me safer on the road by taking over where I fell short.

There is even a subtle scent that you can activate throughout the cabin with the touch of a button, simply to ensure that your world stays fresh and pleasant.

This car was the talk of the school parking lot and I felt like a queen pulling into the drop off lane in it, heads turning to see who might emerge. It’s classic BMW, built for the 21st century. It’s sinuous lines create a sight for sore eyes, and its interior envelops you in luxury. The cabin is quiet, covered in soft surfaces, and has everything you need.



If I had any complaint it would be that cars like this should be built for tired parents, not for the CEOs that frequent them. It’s us – not them – that need the massaging seats, the parking assistant, and the active safety features. It’s us that live in a noisy and distracted world who could use the invisible foot to brake for us before we accidentally bump into someone in the parking lot because we’re so distracted by the noise in our car.

Indeed, if I had a complaint, it would be that I can’t afford a car like this, nor can I fit my family into it anyhow, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

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