Dodge Durango Is A Friend Of Mine

Dodge Durango Is A Friend Of Mine

The Dodge Durango is a large family hauler that makes me happy every time I test it. Yes, it holds a ton of people and gear; but I can also reach my bag on the passenger side floor.


Who Is This Car For?

Model Year: 2015
Manufacturer: Dodge
Model and Trim: Durango Citadel AWD
Price as Tested (including destination): $49,875
EPA fuel economy (combined/city/hwy): 19/17/242 mpg
Number of seats: 6
Number of Latch anchors: 2 sets

Number of Cupholders: 2 in front, 2 in second row, 2 in third row, 6 bottle holders


Safety Standouts

  • Front multistage airbags, front seat side-impact airbags, side curtain airbags, driver’s side knee airbag
  • Standard rear-view camera and Park Assist System

A few of my favorite things (about the Dodge Durango):

  • Easy to maneuver through parking lots
  • Optional second-row console
  • Distinctive styling. In a good way.


In and Out

The Dodge Durango is a fun drive not only because it carries my family plus a couple friends and some of their stuff, but also because its got distinctive looks and a throaty engine noise (even though it’s a V6).

The Durango’s exterior is seamless. The sheet metal looks fluid and sinewy; even the pieces of chrome on my Citadel trim are integrated and intentional, not garish and overdone. The doors are wide for great access and continue the lengthened, taught look of the vehicle.

Inside, the Durango continues its seamless feel. The center stack is contained in a chrome piece of trim, making it look and feel tidy. There aren’t random buttons and button housings all over the place. This look continues in the back seat with the power outlets, USB jacks, and vents for the second-row passengers. The the heating and air-conditioning knobs are located overhead for those second-row friends and those too are encased in the chrome trim creating a consistent look. Nicely done, Dodge!

Other visual consistencies include the shape of the wood trim pieces and the leather piecing on the doors, and the brushed-nickel looking trim pieces on the steering wheel. The Durango has been around long enough now to have some real refinements that make it stand out from its competitors- the materials all feel substantial.

Getting in and out of the Durango is pretty easy or kind of hard depending on who is headed back there. Bigger kids will find the long doors easy to open, littler kids might not. Getting in is easy for big kids due to the flip-and-fold second row Captain’s chairs. That said, little kids will forego that exercise and probably head to the back by way of the center console if your Durango has it, or through the space in between the captain’s chairs if you don’t. My test car had a second-row console that made all of us happy. It has two cupholders built in, a top level section for storage of flatter items, and then a deeper well below for larger items. It has two exterior cubbies for gadgets. Considering most second rows offer only in-door cubbies and seat-back pockets, this console was a standout.

The third row is actually very comfortable for taller passengers, and the two of them each get a cupholder. The seats themselves fold fairly easily with the lift of a lever and the pull of a strap. However, shorter people will have a harder time lifting the seats into place because the handle is pretty deep in the cargo space when the seats are folded.


Some people find the looks of the Durango a little over the top. I happen to like its distinctive tough look. Some people find the V6 engine less than inspiring, though I found it plenty capable and loved the mild rumble (though if it were louder I wouldn’t complain). Some people will say the cargo area is small with the third row up. I found it very functional for its class.

Some people might say that almost $50k for a Durango seems pricey. I loved that this Durango came filled to the gills with features including a heated steering wheel and in-seat entertainment systems with remotes, and even second-row heated seats. That’s a lot of goodies.

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