2016 Honda HR-V

2016 Honda HR-V

2016 Honda HR-V

The 2016 Honda HR-V gives us everything we love from this family-friendly brand, but with more pep, tech and versatility than ever before.


Who Is This Car For?
Small families, the “secondary” family car, young drivers

Model Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Honda
Model and Trim: HR-V AWD EX-L NAVI
Price as Tested (including destination): $26,720
EPA fuel economy (combined/city/hwy): 29/27/32 mpg
Number of seats: 5
Number of Latch anchors: 2 sets

Safety Standouts

  • NHTSA 5-Star Rating
  • Multi-angle rearview camera

A few of my favorite things (about the Honda HR-V):

  • Easy to maneuver through crowded parking lots
  • Zippy on the road, but still practical
  • So much space inside. Seriously.


In and Out

At first glance, you might think the HR-V is just too small to be a family car. But once you get in and start zipping around, the HR-V will show you that it’s got the chops. (To be fair, families with more than four should know that the HR-V is out. It seats 5, but it’s a stretch, especially when you’re sealing with car seats)

My family of three took the HR-V when picking up our new 4th family member – our 55″ in LCD TV. I panicked as they asked to pull the car up to the front so they could load it in for us. My husband insisted it would fit with room to spare, but I just couldn’t see it (I mean, the HR-V is basically a little hatchback on stilts). Not only did the TV fit — with my 5 year old in her car seat in the back — there was plenty of room to spare! In fact, despite being so compact, the interior space was tall enough for my 5-year old to stand inside. This is just one example of how the HR-V both surprised and impressed me.

Honda certainly isn’t marketing the HR-V as a “family car,” but for a momma like me that kinda enjoys flying under the radar on the road, it was great. The HR-V doesn’t scream “mom taxi,” but all week long as I shuttled my daughter to school, and to music lessons, and to ice skating, it was fantastic. She could get in and out of the car independently and all the errands I ran with the HR-V were fuel-efficient and stayed fun to drive the whole way through.

When I drove the HR-V solo to a holiday boutique I was selling at, the HR-V handled transporting all my wares like a champ. It swallowed the table and chairs I was bringing for the booth, along with all the goodies. It’s got a lot of innovative storage solutions that make use of the smaller space very efficiently – very much like it’s close relative, the Honda Fit. One of my favorite features were the storage available under the rear seats — they are the perfect place to stash your diaper bag or playground sand toys (pictured above). I also appreciated the way the rear seats can fold up and back; it made loading things easy when I had just a few grocery bags to pack and didn’t want them rolling around in the back.


When it comes to the HR-V, it’s all about how you manage your expectations. If you look at one under the “crossover” lens – you may be disappointed. It’s called a “compact crossover” for a reason — and should definitely be viewed as one. If you are a regular carpool participant or run the team Snack Shack, the HR-V probably isn’t for you.

The touch screen interface on all of the controls give the interior a contemporary feel, and I liked it. My husband on the other hand – not so much.

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