About us

We may count latch anchors + cup holders, but we aren’t just moms who carpool.

We like cars. We are in them all the time because we have kids who do stuff. Also? We’ve been writing about them for a long time. In fact, Sara started writing in 2005. She met Courtney who started writing in 2007. Then Carrie came along in 2011. We met each other because we were writing for Cars.com about how cars worked with and for our families. We decided we wanted to do more of that and do it together.


Sara Lacey

Sara Lacey lives in Colorado and has two kids. Sara grew up loving cars; riding in them, talking about them, and driving in them with her dad. Then she went to college and then worked in the world, then had kids, and then started writing about how vehicles do and don’t work for families. She’s happy to share her knowledge and experience with the Drop-Off Lane.

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Carrie Kim


Carrie Kim lives in Long Beach and spends her time driving all around Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. Whether they’re on the hunt for the best burrito in town or looking for the perfect scoop of ice cream, they are meticulously judging in-car infotainment systems, dashboard finishes and fuel-efficiency the whole way there. She likes quirky-looking compact cars and proving that you can still have a little personality on the road, even with kids in tow.

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Courtney lives in Colorado with her husband, three children, and giant Golden Retriever. Between the school carpool, the kids’ extracurricular activities, frequent weekend trips to the mountains, and the occasional lengthy road trip, driving is a major part of her life! Although she requires a very pragmatic, larger vehicle to fit her brood and their gear on a daily basis, she often envisions herself in a zippy electric and luxury ride…hope springs eternal!

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