REALITY CHECK: Sometimes you have to look beyond MPG or performance when it comes to researching a car for your family. How old are your kids? How many car seats do you have? Do you lift those kiddos into the car or need them to get in on their own? Do you have toys to tow? Gear to haul? Do you have a garage to park in? You might start to realize you’ve got more questions in your head than your three-year old has muttered “Why?” in the last hour.

It’s okay. We test lots of cars. We test the big ones, we test the small ones, the popular ones and even the ones you might not have ever thought of.  We can guide you, we can help you — and we really like doing it, actually.

Reviews You Can Trust.

If it’s got a backseat and latch anchors, we’ve tested it – and if there are no latch anchors then we’ll tell you all about that too. We are picky and practical and painfully honest. But not snarky. Snarky isn’t helpful.

Content that’s relatable.

We are all women who love cars passionately for different reasons, but we won’t talk over your head. We discuss technology, performance and features like a friend, not a crazy-obsessed gearhead.

Experience to back it up.

Between the three of us, we’ve got over a decade on researching how cars work with infants, toddlers, and pre-teens. Sooner than we’d like, our kids will be driving themselves. We’ll write about that too.